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Group Events

Pivot Point events help parents, service providers, educators, and agencies support children, teens, and adults with diverse abilities. We believe that the training shared by our certified professionals and guest presenters helps unlock the mysteries of challenging conditions so that parents and service providers can be their best and give their best. 

How To Get Involved

Attend one of our hosted events in your community, co-host an event with us, or design the event that we can present for you. Your participation can help create a turning point and provide inspiration and focus in your life and the lives of those you support. 

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Types Of Pivot Point Events

We offer 4 main categories of events. Discover more about each category below!

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Events & Workshop Descriptions:

  • Community Training Events for Parents (PDF)
  • Workshops and Training for Teachers (PDF)
  • Training for Agencies & Service Providers (PDF)
  • Training for Summer Camp Staff Teams (PDF)