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Welcome To South Fraser!

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The South Fraser Office is located in Village Centre in beautiful South Surrey.





What areas are covered in the South Fraser region?

The South Fraser region includes:

  • Surrey
  • Delta & Tsawassen
  • Langley
  • Aldergrove

Can you introduce us to the people in your region?

Absolutely! We are fortunate to have four Behaviour Consultants working with families in our region. They are Alexandra Delange, Katie Treleaven, Tatiana Sitar and Margaret Tarumian. These four ladies have a wonderful way of relating to families and using their own experience and high level of training to ensure our team can ignite the fire of change and sustain positive growth for all of our families. Plus, they’re a lot of fun!

Our Behaviour Interventionists are also called Child Care Workers and “frontline” staff. These are the people who spend the most 1time in our client’s homes. Their formal training began in University where they studied Psychology, Early Childhood Development and ABA. The team is too large to list, but each of them brings a warmth and personality to our friendly region. They are all very patient, and put up with their Regional Manager’s crazy sense of humour!

Our Speech and Language Pathologist is Zoe Lee. Zoe began her career as a BI, working at Pivot Point. The fire of change was not only ignited in the families she worked with, but in Zoe herself! She went on to attain her Masters and is now a practicing Speech and Language Pathologist and we are proud to list her as part of our team.

Another service Pivot Point offers is our Neuro Feedback program. This is remarkable service that … [insert wisdom here].

Our Clinical Director, Elizabeth Sparling oversees all programs and regularly reviews the data collected by our frontline staff. She is always there for support and guidance, ensuring that we achieve and maintain the highest levels of service in the field. Elizabeth herself has been working with children with special needs for over 20 years. As a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA), she supports children and youth with developmental disabilities, primarily those with a diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum Disorder. Elizabeth was the founder of BC-ABA and was the first President of the organization. As a parent of a teen with Autistic Disorder, she strives to give 100% to the community as she truly recognizes the difference that therapeutic programming can make to the life of a child with ASD and their family.

Is there anything else you’d like people to know about your team?

Yes. My team (both Professionals and Para-Professionals) take their work seriously, but we all believe in the same thing. Intervention should be fun! The entire teams works hard to get to know “their families” so that the learning environment is as welcoming and nurturing as possible.

What happens if a family doesn’t get along with one of your staff?

Fit is incredibly important to us. That simply means that if a family is uncomfortable with one of our staff, we will find another. Easy. Done. No drama. Our Para-Professionals- BI’s and CCW’s- know that not everyone is going to love their style of teaching and interacting, and it’s in the best interest of the child and ultimately the family for us to find that great fit as quickly as possible. Each of my staff is very supportive and professional in that regard. They are an amazing group and none of them take this personally. It’s just one more way we can help de-stress an already stressed-out family.

What are you working on in your region?

Change happens, but in Pivot Point change often brings new opportunities.

Our social skills programs and parent workshops are run out of our Head Office, (located at 24th and King George). Surrey is only one of the communities we serve, and by helping the public get to know us through these Regional Pages, we hope to show that we are not only talking the talk, we’re walking the walk too. In more ways than one! (Our team is once again lacing up our running shoes for the annual Walk for Autism, sponsored by Autism Speaks. Our team name is the Pivot Point Partners!)

Our CARF accreditation also means that we do what we say we do and we can prove it! One way we achieve this is through our commitment to transparency. What we see, our client families see also. There’s no need to hide anything and Pivot Point is built around this very strong core value.

With the creation of our Facebook page, (one for every region) Each Regional manager can help pass along current information to help families navigate this confusing world of special education.

We want to spread the word about Pivot Point as a quality choice for families. We know you have choice, and we’re happy to be one of them.  Every time a new family walks though our doors, we strive to make sure we are the best fit possible.

Not enough is known about our organization overall, even though we’ve been in existence for more than 10 years in the Surrey area! By liaising with other groups and becoming involved in community events, we are showing parents and other decision-makers that we are different in a great way and we have a passion for family success! We now offer parent workshops on a variety of topics, like Autism 101 and Positive Parenting. We recently added the positions of adult Life Skills Workers and Job Coaches to our list, and don’t forget about our Teen Transition Program, for youth who are transitioning to the adult world.

Our team is qualified, professional and friendly and we are perfectly placed to meet families needs. Our mission statement isn’t just a collection of words. We really do strive to live the truth behind these words: “To help create the turning point in people’s lives, that will give inspiration and focus to personal growth and success”!

What about group programs?

We are rolling out some new and wonderful groups! In the past, we’ve had great success with our social skills programs, but we wanted to be able to do more for families, and have the effects be longer lasting, with a greater impact on the lives of the teens, their parents and siblings. In order to have bigger, better results, we turned to the PEERS model, which was developed in UCLA. PEERS stands for Program for the Education and Enhancement of Relationship Skills. This parent-participation program is aimed at educating teens in how to make and keep friends. We have run it several times now, and have had exciting results. Parents have told us it was “life changing” and “the best social program [they’ve] ever experienced”! Now if that isn’t empowering then I don’t know what is! This summer we are looking forward to having another PEERS training for our staff, this time we are learning to implement a junior model, so we can offer the PEERS to younger kids, (8-12) and help jumpstart their friendship making skills too.  So stay tuned! We can’t wait to start! Now that we have online registration through our website, getting registered for a group is easier than ever!

Do you only work with people who have Autism?

No. We work with children and their siblings and parents. We look at the family as a whole. We are a Family Growth Centre, not an Autism Centre. While the vast majority of our clients have a diagnosis of Autism, our various professionals are ready and willing to work with any developmental or cognitive disability.

What do you hope people will learn from this Regional page?

I hope that the public will feel more comfortable with us as people and realize that they can also trust us as professionals. Our commitment is serious and consistent; we can and do make a difference in people’s lives.