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Welcome to the Kamloops Regional Page


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Meet Robbyn Dalin

Kamloops Regional Manager
Behaviour Interventionist
Event Coordinator

Kamloops Office: 1.250.434.2236

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In May of 2014, while Robbyn Dalin was relocating from Vancouver to Kamloops, she began researching different organizations to work for, determined to find a values-based company that was passionate about their core beliefs. When she came across Pivot Point she was immediately drawn to the Guiding Principles and Values. After connecting with the Executive Director and Assistant Director she knew Pivot Point was the right fit for her.

Robbyn Dalin has her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and is currently in her final year of her Masters in Clinical Counselling. Prior to joining the team she worked with the Family Services of Greater Vancouver in both the Adoptions and Employee Assistance Programs.

We asked Robbyn to share a little bit more about herself.


What was it that made you feel Pivot Point was the company you had been searching for?

I knew it was the right fit for me because the management was as passionate about celebrating and supporting both the individuals served by the organization as well as their employees. For me this is the foundation of a company that values people and I knew that I wanted to be a part of this organization that encourages and fosters amazing staff, which in turn creates exceptional service for our clients.


What do you value most about working here?

The thing that I value most about working at Pivot Point is the heart of the people we work with. Each staff member cares so much about the people we serve, that they make up an amazing team. At our clinical team meetings, we ask our staff to share their highlights with from the month, and it is quite common to see tears of joy as our staff express the triumphs of their clients. The care and pride that each staff member takes in their work inspires me.


What’s the best part of your job?

The best feeling is the privilege of getting to witness an individual take a positive step toward his/her own success. It is humbling to see someone make a change or an improvement on behalf of him or herself that will lead to a better outcome.

What do you like to do in your spare time? How do you unwind?

In my spare time, I coach youth volleyball around the city. I grew up playing sports and there were coaches who spent countless hours keeping me occupied and out of trouble so now I like to repay the favour.

Other than that, I like to run long distances, attend yoga, and submerse myself in a good novel in my free time.